Students enjoying an "April Showers" dance at West Hartford Methodist Nursery School
Students enjoying an “April Showers” dance at West Hartford Methodist Nursery School


Enrichment Programs

The enrichment programs are where creativity and imagination inspire dance and creative movement in children,

and the best part is we travel to you.


RHYTHM MOVES brings creative dance and yoga to preschools and daycares centers across Connecticut. Children involved in RHYTHM MOVES programs grow and thrive creatively, artistically and physically. They learn self-awareness; gain self-confidence and a sense of community.

RHYTHM MOVES ~ Combining creative dance movements based on jazz and ballet techniques, along with kids yoga, RHYTHM MOVES is a preschool dance program of Fitness and Fun! Dance provides kids to jump shake and get their giggles while enhancing   their flexibility, coordination and enhancing their motor skills. Dance also helps to strengthen a child’s core, helping them to stand taller and have strong bodies. The Yoga component of class helps to teach focus, attention, and concentration. RHYTHM MOVES programs incorporate games, music, props and   stories to accomplish the benefits while having FUN!

RHYTHM MOVES programs can be introduced to your program in a variety of ways:

Special Dance Event Days: Have Founder, Karla Kress-Boyle teach special one time Rhythm Moves, Fitness and Fun classes for students.


RHYTHM MOVES session classes: Offer ongoing Rhythm Moves classes as a part of your existing program.


RHYTHM MOVES teacher training programs: Join Karla for a special 3-hour teacher only workshop. This course is designed to help the teacher develop a better creative movement series in their classroom. The course will teach dance games, yoga poses and games, movement tips and ideas and how to connect movement to your current themes.


Currently offering classes at:

Knight Hall, West Hartford

Noah’s Ark, West Hartford

First Church Nursery, West Hartford

West Hartford Methodist Nursery School

YWCA of West Hartford

St. Thomas the Apostle School, West Hartford